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Our Services

Our Services


These are just some of the services we offer.  Please call today 954-772-8345

40 Year Inspection Performed by Associated General Kinetics LLC
Associated General Kinetics LLC is a locally, fourth generation owned and operated firm that has over a decade of experience with 40 year inspections, and has been providing excellent construction service to satisfied customers for over 60 years, Don himself personally for over 30 years.

Associated General Kinetics LLC offers both the Structural and Electrical portion of the inspection. The scope of the inspection can be confusing to the client, as to what is and what is not required. AKG is well prepared to guide you through this sometimes confusing process. Other firms may require more than necessary requirements to pass the inspection, as there is money to be made in repairs. Don is very familiar with the codes and bare/basic requirements, and can ensure you what is necessary to pass.

For 40 Year Inspections please contact Associated General Kinetics LLC, at 954-772-5345.

Engineer / Builder
From drawing to City Finals.  We take care of it all.

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We can also do your plans for:

  • Additions
  • Remodels
  • sealing of a/c tie downs
  • signs
  • awnings
  • beam calculations

Best Prices in the Tri-County Area.

Mobile Home Tie Down Inspection

High winds and hurricanes can have adverse effects on Mobile homes or manufactured homes that are not properly secured. Mobile and manufactured homes are often not secured to the ground as a standard home would be. Florida law and HUD require that mobile homes be properly tied down to avoid movement during high winds.

Mobile home tie downs are the anchors or straps that keep the home secure during high winds. A certain number of tie downs are required, and they are required to be spaced a specific distance apart.

The mobile home tie down inspection is an assessment to make sure that the proper tie downs have been installed. The tie downs need to meet FHA and HUD regulations.

In S Fla the tie down engineering criteria is subject to 170 MPH. The state regulates the appropriate tie down specifications through out Florida for mobile homes. Inspections for mobile homes tie downs can be done in 3-5 working days. For mobile homes this is usually an auger anchor unless coral rock is discovered.

Our engineers are certified to give you the proper authority you need for your tie down mobile home inspection. When a storm comes through you will have the peace of mind that your mobile home is properly secured.

ADA Resolution and Mediation

We are experts in Americans with Disabilities Act compliance and litigation. We have completed surveys and assessments and have successfully created solutions for clients who have been wrongfully involved in a lawsuit.

Whether inspecting for a real estate closing, verifying current handicapped and disability access or mitigating with lawyers and plaintiffs, we guarantee to avail you the most logical solutions to any of your ADA (handicapped) issues. The ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines) is a cumbersome and lengthy set of handicapped standards which creates confusion and fear for most people. Allow our team of experts to engage the lawyers and plaintiffs who attempt to squeeze hard earned dollars from your person or company.

Once you hire us to resolve all your structural and policy issues regarding the accessibility codes, you have instantly cut off the burden of spending thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Our long history of facilities surveyed includes all types of institutions; Major Hotel chains, Banks, Government buildings, Major arenas, and entertainment facilities… and our reference list continues to grow.

You get expertise in engineering, structure, code compliance, architecture and our ADA expert, Jonathan Friedman. Jonathan sat on advisory boards for veterans and public transportation networks and started consulting while the ADA was in its infancy over 30 years ago. Our collective experience is approaching a century of work in the construction industry!!!

Feel free to contact us anytime to set an appointment and avoid the high costs of a lawsuit.

Metal Buildings Division

Arpin & Sons are design builders and have been involved in metal buildings in South Florida since 1989 as offering complete turnkey structures, including site development, engineering, design and complete construction services and value engineering. We have competitive pricing compared to the national brands of metal building suppliers, and source from some of their component suppliers.

We offer Pre Fab metal buildings, composite CBS and metal buildings, metal roofing only, metal canopies and solar canopies and frames.

We also do Shipping Container Construction including homes, loft apartments, and pools from shipping containers. 

Wind and Solar Energy Division

We have been supplying engineering design build for energy and solar projects since 2009. We have worked with mid-florida municpalities that have planned large farms. Our projects include industrial, commercial and residential. We have installers throughout the state.

After the Fact or Code Violation Permit Specialists

We take care of it all, from getting the Drawings to the City Finals.

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More Services

We also do the following services

  • Tenant Build Out
  • Property Management
  • Structural and Civil Engineer
  • Turn Key Construction
  • Concrete Restoration
  • Impact Windows

This is just a small list of our services, so if you don’t see what you need Please call today 954-772-8345